Domo Innovation Summit 2023

Data Experiences

This year’s Domo Innovation Summit was about helping you use AI/DSML in your business with confidence and ease to create extraordinary business impact. Deploy LLMs like ChatGPT. Use generative AI to empower users to explore data in their own words. And get a first look at the future of AI-powered data experiences. Check out the free 45-minute event on-demand.

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Domo expands AI innovation

Domo has been a leader in AI/DSML solutions for nearly a decade. AI technologies in Domo—machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics—dramatically amplify AI’s potential for businesses and enable AI-powered insights and smart, fast decisions.

The AI ecosystem evolves at breakneck speed, bringing brilliant new AI tech like GPT, with vast possibilities and risks. Domo innovates the vital intersections between AI capabilities and business needs, toppling barriers that keep organizations from using AI-powered data at scale.

Why attend?

In less than an hour, learn how Domo.AI helps you use AI/DSML to overcome real-world AI challenges and create extraordinary business impact. Deploy LLMs like ChatGPT, use generative AI to allow natural language data exploration, and give users the power of AI without risk.

Come discover how Domo.AI can accelerate innovation and growth in your business. And get a good look at the dazzling future of AI-powered data experiences.

AI-powered data experiences

Put data to work for everyone in an AI-infused future. From AI-powered apps and dashboards that improve understanding and action to secure AI-guided experiences that boost business impact without risk.

Solve problems with AI

Manage the complexity of integrating and using diverse AI models. Simplify model management/deployment, automate AI pipelines, and provide AI-powered insights anyone can use.

Use generative AI...

Use LLMs like ChatGPT and Bard with traditional ML models while ensuring compliance. Domo's AI Service Layer lets you securely and seamlessly integrate, manage, and deploy multiple AI/ML models.


What's in store at Domo
Innovation Summit 2023

8/29 | 12:00 PM ET, 4:00 PM GMT
8/31 | 10:30 AM SGT, 12:30 PM AEST
The Future of AI-powered data experiences
Visionary keynote on Domo.AI
Foundations in AI
How fundamentals in data science accelerate gen AI impact
AI-powered App creation
Combining Domo's AI Service Layer with App creation
Live Q&A
With our AI experts and product leaders

Learn from these Domo experts.

Daren Thayne

Chief Technology Officer, EVP of Product, Domo
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Chris Willis

Chief Design Officer, Domo
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Ben Schein

SVP of Product, Domo
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Kristie Rowley, PhD

Director of Data Science, Domo
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Matthew Payne

VP of Engineering, Domo
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Beth Saenz

VP, Engineering Operations
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Nikos Acuña

Sr, Director, Product Marketing, Domo
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Joseph Clark

Software Architect, Domo
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Cory Linton

CEO and Founder,
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Mark Cecchini

Associate Dean of Executive Education, University of South Carolina
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Ramasubbu Venkatesh

CEO and Co-Founder, Anvai AI
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AI-Powered Data Experiences

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